School Nursery Yojana has been started by the Government of India. This scheme aims to provide an environment for the students to understand and appreciate the significance of plant in maintaining and sustaining the natural eco-systems.

The scheme will be implemented for a period of five years and all public and private school recognized by State boards/Central Govt. boards shall be eligible to implement the scheme. Students of class sixth, seventh and eighth may be actively involved in developing nursery, raising and planting seedlings as part of extra-curricular activities. However school may also engage a mali for various supporting activities.

Every year 1000 schools will be selected across India and each school will raise1000 seedlings/saplings.

Under this scheme, funding source is Centre Government (100%)

  • Each school will receive Rs. 50,000/- as grant under this scheme. Out of this, Rs. 40,000/- will be used by the school for creation of nursery. Balance Rs. 10,000/- will be utilized for miscellaneous activities.
  • A lump sum grant of Rs. 2 lakh per SFDA per year will be released for over head expenses for SFDA proposing 20 or more school nursery and Rs. 1 lakh for SFDA proposing less then 20 school nursery.

School Nursery Yojana in the reference of Uttarakhand -

  • Under the School Nursery Scheme, thirty Nurseries (Single Nursery per School) are to be developed in the State.
  • The implementation of this scheme has not yet started in the state.
  • Under this scheme Seventy six proposals related to 10 districts have been sent to the Govt. of India in the 1st phase.

The District-wise list of proposals is given below

S. No.Name of DistrictNumber of Proposed Schools / Nurseries

Implementation of this scheme is to begin shortly.